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Welcome to the Orange Coast Audio/Video virtual showroom. Our goal is to provide you with some useful information about our company and the products that we represent.

Orange Coast Audio/Video designs, installs, and integrates many of your homes main systems including Home Theater, Whole House Music, Lighting Control and Automation, Intercom and Access Systems. We are Smart Home Experts and will help you create the smart home that with tie all of these smart devices (we call them Internet of Things) together.

What is a Smart Home? As of today it is a home that you can commuincate with and it with you. The Internet of Things are any 2 or more devices that can communicate with each other. i.e. your smart phone and Sonos Music. The next evolution in the Smart Home is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). For now let's call her Alexa. There's also Google Home (which is a little behind), and i'm not sure where Siri is in the home right now other then on your phone, but they will catch up.

Sticking with Alexa for now... she is an infant! Just learing to crawl, but she'll grow up fast! She is the connection that is allowing us to communicate with these "Things" and as she grows up she'll be doing more and more for us. Trust me... in 5 years we will all be talking to our homes for pretty much everything from turning on the lights or TV to setting the oven.

We are working hard to keep up with this new technology as it changes. Currently, there are about 20 billion "Things" on this planet. By 2020 there are supposed to be 50 billion! Knowing what's available and how to install them in your home is our business. You don't want to know how to set them up or install them. You just want to sit back and tell your home what to do. We will make that happen and be there for you to keep everything up to date. Please let me know if you have any questions.

About our CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
Jaime Garau

Jaime Garau has been involved in electronics since the late 70's while serving in the USAF. During the 80s he worked with big satellite systems for sporting, concert and corporate events. In the mid 90's he opened Orange Coast Audio/Video specializing in installing DirecTV satellite systems and programming VCR's (remember how difficult it was to program a VCR?). Soon after he moved into the evolving world of Home Theaters, Whole House music and now Home Automation.

In 1999 he started consulting for large mega 1,000 home communities including Ladera Ranch in Orange County, the communities of Santaluz, Woods Valley, 4-S Ranch and San Miguel in San Diego County and the 14,000 home community of Verrado in the Phoenix area. As a consultant he wrote community guidelines for the builders to following when wiring their home.

As a consultant and installer he has to stay up on the fast-moving world of technology. "You can't sell yesterday's technology in today's world and you have to plan for the unseen technology of tomorrow at the same time."

As technology quickly advanced during the early 2000's he found that controlling these systems was merging into Home Automation. Home Automation over the last decade has expanded into the control of all of the home's main systems (lighting, HVAC, Audio/Video, Security, etc) and the ability to control the home through your smart device no matter where you are on this planet.

Please browse around this site and check out the related sites that we have included for your convenience. If you have any comments or questions about our products and services, or simply need more information and want to contact us directly, please call Jaime at 949-689-4458.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you.

Did I forget to mention that we offer Free In-Home Consultations?

Jaime Garau – CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)

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