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Unstructured Wiring

Residential Structured Wiring Systems

What is structured wiring? Residential Structured Wiring is the

In July of 2000, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) changed the minimum requirements for telephone wiring in new construction. Wiring cables are classified by categories according to use and capacity as determined by the Electric Industries Association (EIA) and the Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA). These associations have also developed standards for cabling. Category 3 wire was chosen by FCC as the minimum standard.

However, many consumers have stronger networking needs. They may want to transfer more data faster, interconnect computer system components, remotely control home security or HVAC systems, or perhaps increase their video entertainment capabilities.

Structured wiring systems have become increasingly popular to meet those consumer demands. These systems often use a Category 5 (or better) cable for voice and data and RG6 coaxial cable for video. Fiber optic cable is also available, but many regard the installation as more difficult and expensive.

Wiring installed in the home may not be the limiting factor in terms of data transfer. While utility and cable companies are constantly upgrading their systems, not all areas of the country may offer high speed internet. Because changing the wiring system in a home after initial construction may be difficult and expensive, planning ahead and installing a better system may be a wise choice.

Structured Wiring

Diagram of Daisy Chained Wiring

A hundred years ago many homes still didn't have indoor plumbing. Now you couldn't imagine running out to an outhouse to take care of business. 40 years ago the only cabling you got for TV was twin lead antenna wire and on 10 years ago they were still installing basic old POTs (Plain Old Telephone) wire and RG-59 cables all daisy chained thru out your home.

Todays standards in wiring call for a good quality high speed data and TV cabling that is all home run to each jack location.

You wouldn't build a house today without indoor plumbing so why would you build it without a Structured Wiring System?

On the left is the old daisy chain style of wiring. This is not recommended because if one jack goes down they all go down and you can't run satellite over daisy chained wiring.

On the right is a home wired in a "Star" or home run configuration. Proper distribution for a structure wiring panel.

Diagram of Structured Wiring