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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Can't I save money buying On-Line or from a bunch of "Geeks"?

First, let me answer that question by saying that we are very price competitive with the retail electronic stores.  We represent many of the same manufacturers and we all work under similar pricing structure.  

As a custom installation company we go above and beyond in the service, knowledge and experience then you will get from the retail electronic stores.  We are not just salespeople, we are custom integrators and we know what works and what doesn't work.  We will also come into your home and create a system that works with your lifestyle and not just sell you something that we have in stock or that we can earn a higher profit on.

As for the on-line stores... let me say "be careful!"  Many are not authorized re-sellers for the major brands and many of the major brand manufacturers are very restrictive as to who sells their products on-line.  Before you buy be sure to go to the manufacturers website and check on their internet policy.  If the company is not authorized then you may be buying a product without a warranty.

But... it is true that there are deals to be found on-line.  So I'll put out the question...  

"If I buy everything on-line (and save a few hundred bucks) will OCAV come over and install it?" The answer is yes, but it will cost you a little more in the long run and you won't get our installation & service warranty.

Why?  First, believe it or not we don't make much money doing installation services.  It doesn't even pay for the overhead.  All of our profit comes from retail sales and to be honest... I need the profit!  Second, when we give you a proposal and sell you a system we lock in the labor cost.  If you provide the components we will charge you hourly and for every nut and bolt that we use, and it adds up real fast.  In most cases our labor charge is about 25% off of what the cost would be if we were billing you hourly plus materials.  That alone can save you $500-$1,000 or more on a complete system!

And last but not least...  the profit that we make covers our free in-home consultations, installation warranty and continued customer service after your system has been installed.  So when you think that you are saving a few hundred by buying on-line, it will cost you more in the end.  And just wait and see what happens if you have a problem with the TV that you bought on-line and they want you to ship it back to New Jersey!

Remember, we are not selling you a system... we are selling you an experience that you will enjoy time again and again for many years to come!  And we will be there in the future when you need us!

We can't wait to Bring Your Home to Life!   Jaime Garau